Hedge Funds Monitoring Twitter Feed for Trading Ideas

May 27, 2014

It is well known and widely accepted that social media has deeply influenced the way people communicate with each other. While it is acknowledged that most messages posted on social media forums do not carry much substance, the messages give a pulse of the prevailing sentiment among the users on the subject discussed. According to […]

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Hedge Fund Investors Sign Up For Event Driven Funds

March 19, 2014

With the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial indices at record highs, noticeable gains from the current levels may be hard to come by. This perhaps explains the strong demand among hedge fund investors for event driven funds which generally do not correlate with the widely followed mainstream indices. Data from eVestment LLC shows that […]

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Hedge Funds Assets Set To Hit $3 Trillion This Year

February 22, 2014

Despite uninspiring performance in recent years in which hedge funds significantly underperformed the widely followed S&P 500 index, a new survey by Deutsche Bank finds that the industry is likely to attract strong inflows in 2014. The annual survey covered over 400 investor firms representing $1.8 trillion in hedge fund assets between them, which equates […]

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Hedge Fund Compensation Trend Mixed

December 31, 2013

A survey of 15 hedge funds with assets of at least $1 billion under management revealed mixed compensation trends for 2013. The survey conducted by market research firm Infovest21 covered compensation figures for twenty hedge fund positions across different functions such as management, investment, sales and marketing, compliance, finance and operations. The survey found that […]

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More Hedge Funds May Convert To Family Offices

December 3, 2013

There has been a marked increase in the hedge funds looking to convert into family offices. The key incentives driving the transition to a family office setup include the ability to avoid regulatory scrutiny that comes with legislation such as the Dodd-Frank act. Transitioning to a family office has other benefits besides the potential to […]

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Some Hedge Funds Return Money To Investors Citing Fewer Opportunities

October 21, 2013

Some prominent hedge fund managers are returning part of their capital under management to investors on concerns that the continued rise in the US stock market on the back of easy monetary policy has made it difficult to find attractive investment opportunities. Hedge funds that have recently decided to return money to investors include value […]

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Hedge Fund Hiring Very Selective, Generally Sluggish

August 19, 2013

Some large hedge funds are taking advantage of a difficult environment for startup hedge funds by hiring portfolio managers who either once considered setting up their own fund or failed to succeed on their own and were forced to shutter their shop. Among firms that are hiring portfolio managers with experience of running their own […]

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Hedge Funds Lose Favor Among US Institutional Investors

June 26, 2013

An annual survey of institutional investors and financial advisors conducted by investment research firm Morningstar revealed that the high fee structure of hedge funds and their recent prolonged underperformance are prompting institutional investors to use alternative mutual funds as substitutes for hedge funds. The survey of 235 institutions and 471 financial advisors conducted in March […]

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American Federation Of Teachers Blacklists Some Hedge Fund Managers

May 4, 2013

A group of hedge fund managers and the funds they manage have come under attack from American Federation of Teachers (AFT), a labor union representing teachers in the US. The AFT which has over $800 billion in pension assets has blacklisted certain hedge fund managers and is aggressively advocating that pensions stop investing in hedge […]

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Black Swan Hedge Funds Suffered Big Losses In 2012

April 12, 2013

The consistent active involvement of world’s central banks in financial markets in the last few years have forced some hedge funds to pare down bets on tail risk funds also commonly known as “black swan funds”.  After suffering big losses in 2012, large and well known hedge funds such as Pine River Capital and UK […]

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